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It was at times spelled, for example, as “Tarragui” and “Taragay.” In the modern day USGS maps, the spelling of “Tarague” is used consistently.

Another spelling, “Talagi,” was introduced by the Guam Historic Preservation Office in April 2006.

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A look at the Koreas and the military presence and threat: BEIJING -- China may be reaching the point that it may have to take concrete steps to calm its ally North Korea, which on Tuesday threatened strikes targeting Guam, Hawaii and the U. We need to punish them, without exciting them," he said. military and the South Korean military have been conducting regularly scheduled drills on land this month. mainland with long-range missiles, says James Hardy, Asia Pacific Editor for IHS Jane's Defense Weekly."From what we know of its existing inventory, North Korea has short- and medium-range missiles that could complicate a situation on the Korean Peninsula and perhaps reach Japan," he said."They're empty threats," Bush said. While North Korea is unlikely to launch a nuclear attack, it may conduct a limited conventional one at South Korea that could lead to an escalating series of retaliations that could get out of hand, Bush said.

China's foreign policy team under recently installed President Xi Jinping "could be more tough on North Korea, as they are more irresponsible in their rhetoric and that will hurt China's interests," said Shen Dingli, an international relations expert and North Korea watcher at Shanghai's Fudan University."We have to teach North Korea a lesson, but not to further the trend of instability spiraling. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said the risk to the U. is that the North is an irrational regime capable of starting a war that could drag in the United States."It shows why the continuation of the regime itself is a problem" he told Fox News "You have to take this kind of thing seriously."Bolton, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute who served under President George W, Bush, says the Obama administration needs to work toward a more robust missile-defense system and do more to implement U. policy, which is to change the North's regime by a peaceful reunification of the two Koreas.

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When rainwater is absorbed by the land, it percolates through the limestone to the harder bedrock below until it reaches sea level.Tarague is a geographic place name given to the northern littoral of the island of Guam, between Mergagan Point to the west and Tagua Point to the east.In historic maps and accounts of Guam dating back to the Spanish Era of the island (16 centuries), the orthography of the word Tarague varied.Because freshwater is lighter than salt water, it “floats” on top.The interaction of the two types of water creates a kind of boundary that resembles a “lens” – geologically, this is known as a Ghyben-Herzberg lens, or locally, as the Northern Guam Lens.

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