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Social media is driving the rise, experts say, with millions of middle-aged Facebook users seeking to improve their profile pictures.

Dr Richard George, an orthodontist in Kent and spokesman for the British Orthodontic Society, said: ‘There has been a significant rise in adult orthodontic treatment over the past few years. 'Patients say to me, “I don’t like the way I look in photographs”.

I never used to get patients saying that at all, that is a result of digital photography and social media.‘I’m regularly now treating women in their 60s – they come to me and say they want lovely smiles.’Rising divorce rates also seem to be fuelling the trend.

Personally I draw the line at this and whether its a cultural normal or not, I insisted that any 3rd parties paid their own way.One of the biggest draws of choosing Invisalign over other types of orthodontic treatment is that Invisalign is far less noticeable than traditional metal braces.Because the aligners are clear plastic, instead of shiny, metallic metal, they are far less likely to be noticed, even when you are standing and talking close to someone. I own enough male grooming products to start my own boutique, and spend a lot of time coordinating my clothes to match properly.Therefore you can imagine my dismay one fateful day when following an appointment at my dentist when I was told that wearing braces would be necessary.

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