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I don't know what my life would've looked like without Pretty Little Liars…This item ships separately and in the original manufacturer's packaging.), and change in design of the anti-reverse switch - made the reels less elegant somehow. There's too much trim and bling in most modern reels.I like the marriage of form and function, its much cooler than all the space-age tartiness (which dates very quickly) of a lot of newer reels and other gismos. As I'm not allowed to post links, here's the text of a piece I wrote for a friend's website some years ago: I’d like to nominate the Mitchell 300 to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.Bob This is the one with the circular body (seen in profile), right?This and an Intrepid Elite were my first proper fixed-spool reels. I always liked Mitchell's styling through the 60s, a bit like old Citroens...I would have prefered black as shown, but this would be the only negative.So many of my visitors are inquiring about much needed replacement parts to repair their cherished old reels. He's come up with many of the old parts I've needed for repairs. With Joe's help, you can get that vintage gem purring like a kitten once again.

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Quixote, Yes I know what you mean about Form and Function, Mitchell were very good at getting their reels about right; first time.

"Matte brought Shay with him to Drake's 30th birthday party," the source tells ET, "and they just spent the holidays together." RELATED: 'Pretty Little Liars' Star Shay Mitchell Won't Label Her Sexuality: 'You Love Who You Love' By the looks of Mitchell’s social media accounts, the new couple is also ringing in the new year together in paradise.

The actress has been sharing gorgeous snaps from Tulum, Mexico, on her Instagram account and even posed for a few silly Snapchat filters with her beau. "Sad, anxious, excited, terrified, inspired, gratified, nervous, unsure, proud, upset, accomplished, relieved, devastated, lucky: I didn't know it was possible to feel so much at once, yet I sit here with all my feelings," the 29-year-old said.

"Our show ending is such a weird, unique thing that I have only experienced from where you all are sitting: the viewer's side," she continued.

"I remember shows I watched growing up ending and all that came along with a series finale, yet where I am seated now is so different.

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