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i can't help but comment in namiya section too because of my excitement. He's multi-talented and dedicated so I have faith in him. i've watched almost all of his movies/tv series and i applaud his great acting. I highly admire Ryosuke Yamada in his acting skills!!! namiya this september and fma LA this december...thank you for your hard work, yama. Been a fan of his since Tantei Gakuen Q era, kinda stop (not really stop, just preoccupied with other things, my last perf I saw was Perfume) then renewed my love because of Assassination Classroom. I enjoyed watching running man because of him he make the show interesting. I really like this man though he once said that he doesn't have any loyalty. I know that behind his childish, foolish act in running man, he is a serious, smart and intelligent man (right? K - King of Mask Singer E44 (Rain) [2PM2U] 160226 Wooyoung - A Look at myself E31 cut 1 Xi5U cut 2 Ux K complete PCd [2PM2U] 160305 Wooyoung - A Look at myself E32 cut 1 Fo C cut 2 W99To complete [2PM2U] 160401 Chansung – Law of the Jungle in TONGA E207 (cut) YBom7 [2PM2U] 160408 Chansung – Law of the Jungle in TONGA E208 (cut) p1 C7 p2 Kn Fd [2PM2U] 160415 Chansung – Law of the Jungle in TONGA E209 (cut) [2PM2U] 160422 Chansung – Law of the Jungle in TONGA E210 (cut) p1 p2 Qw MM [2PM2U] 160427 Chansung – Law of the Jungle in TONGA E211 (cut) p1 XDn NL p2 [2PM2U] 160703 Nichkhun - Running man E306 (รหัสดู 2pm2unk) p1 p2 p3 [2PM2U] 160825 NK JK WY - I can see your voice E09 p1 K7u FE p2 Y5E p3 p4 RBg (complete) [2PM2U] 160910 2PM – SNL Korea 8 E02 Gtdz Z [2PM2U] 160917 Nichkhun Wooyoung - Have you eaten E01 [2PM2U] 150505 Nichkhun – Sixteen E01 (cut) [2PM2U] 150512 Nichkhun Chansung – Sixteen E02 (cut) [2PM2U] 150526 Wooyoung – Sixteen E04 (cut) [2PM2U] 150719 2PM – Running Man E256 Part 1 Vtxu Part 2 Po Part 3 Axhm Part 4 W6Zb Part 5 PCR [2PM2U] 150818 Nichkhun Chansung – Dream team (preview) [2PM2U] 150920 Nichkhun Chansung – Let’s go dream team S02E300 [2PM2U] 150927 Nichkhun Chansung – Let’s go dream team S02E301 [2PM2U] 151121 Taecyeon - My little television E30 [2PM2U] 100605 NK CS JH WY – Star Golden Bell Class 1 E04 p1 XM p2 [2PM2U] 100620 Taecyeon Wooyoung – SBS Quiz!Six Sense E150 p1 Cd Rer7to p2 [2PM2U] 100815 2PM – Ha Ha Mong Show E07 part 1/2 In6m [2PM2U] 100815 2PM – Ha Ha Mong Show E07 part 2/2 [2PM2U] 101107 2PM – Enjoy Today p1 E p2 p3 Inpreparation p4 Inpreparation [2PM2U] 101025 2PM (-NK) – Happy Birthday (cut) [2PM2U] 101025 2PM – Happy birthday (full) [2PM2U] 101104 2PM – Happy together E171 p1 p2 ICg LT [2PM2U] 101111 Chansung Junsu Taecyeon – The Beatles code [2PM2U] 101127 Chansung – School variety – out of 100 points ep.01 [2PM2U] 101201 2PM – For the 1st time E03 (เพลง I can’t) BYWOXxs KU p1/3 p2/3 DURql30 p3/3 H8go [2PM2U] 090719 Chansung Taecyeon – Quiz Sixth Sense 080728 Nichkhun – Yashimmanma ep.01 (cut) [Thaisub] 080804 Nichkhun – Yashimmanman ep.02 (cut) [Thaisub] 080811 Nichkhun – Yashimmanman ep.03 (cut) [Thaisub] 081117 Nichkhun – Yashimmanman ep.17 – Good bye (cut) [Thaisub] 081202 2PM – Family Needed (cut) [Thaisub] 090719 Khun – Sunday Sunday Night-Body Body Body (cut) [Thaisub] 090726 2pm Happy Sunday – Qualification of man cut [Thaisub] 090726 Khun Taec – Sunday Sunday Night-Body Body Body [Thaisub] 090802 Khun Taec – Sunday Sunday Night Body Body (cut) [Thaisub] 090804 2PM – Mnet Wild bunny ep.03 [Thaisub] 090808 2PM – Infinity Challenge (cut) [Thaisub] 090811 2PM – Mnet Wild bunny ep.04 [Thaisub] 100114 2pm – Entertainment tonight [Thaisub] 100209 Taecyeon Junho – Strong heart E18 (cut) [Thaisub] 100216 2pm – Win Win Ep.03 p1 p2 FJl1u p3 Hj Tg Q [Thaisub] 100223 2pm – Win Win Ep.04 VO9I [Thaisub] 100226 2pm – S Body season2 E01 [Thaisub] 100304 Nichkhun – S Body Season2 E02 (CUT) [Thaisub] 100311 2PM – S BODY SEASON2 E03 (NICHKHUN CUT) [Thaisub] 100406 Win win ep.9 (Lee Da Hae rejects Wooyoung) R4Gd PNv Cb Y [Thaisub] 100507 2PM – On Style Magazine [Thaisub] 100520 Nichkhun Junho – Happy together ep.147 [Thaisub] 100522 2PM – Entertainment Weekly (Guerrilla Dating) Pb R1E [Thaisub] 100523 Wooyoung – Win win ep. v=m R4Gd PNv Cb Y [Thaisub] 100529 Nichkhun Chansung – Star king they can understand JYP's style and what he is looking for in trainee/future JYP artist. It produces and markets music recording/publishing, record manufacturing/sales, artist management, concert production, and new artist discovering/training.It is known as one of the companies in the BIG 3, mean it is in the top 3 entertainment companies along with YG and SM.

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Byeon shared that they also undergo studies in foreign language(s), community service (focusing on handicapped and orphans), reading, and other special lectures that include proper dieting methods, vocal training, anti-smoking, and proper sex education.

Seeing his character portrayals, it's obvious he can undergo various character types; the high school student, an assassin, an upcoming businessman, etc just to name a few.

I hear he has two more movies coming out this year, so I can't wait to see him on screen again.

Group Name: GOT7 Debut: January 16, 2014 Member(s): [left to right/bottom to top] Bam-Bam, Jr./Junior, Mark, JB, Jackson, Youngjae & Yugyeom Label: JYP entertainment Origin: South Korea Gerne: Hip-Hop/R&B & Pop Debut song: "Girls, Girls, Girls" Fanclub Name: IGOT7 Facts: Trainee life for anyone in the K-pop is tiring and hard but with perseverance, faith, hard work and determination hopefuls will have the opportunity to graduate from their training and debut. But we know that trainees have to go to singing classes and dancing classes, but what other skills or what other classes do trainees have to take?

Trainees have to undergo A LOT more than what we think they do.

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