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But that door didn’t lock, and every single time I tried that night, I would enter the bathroom, close the door of the stall, and assume the position.

Right before I found that moment of release, some other woman would open up the outer door and stand two feet from me on the outside of the stall.

I don’t know where I developed such a bizarre fear of doing something so normal, but I did and that’s just the way it goes.

Once, I was at a bar with friends for a good long while and tried three separate times to pee over the course of the evening.

I just started thinking about how when I was with my last boyfriend I got to really enjoy him pissing in my mouth.

But mostly I think it's that I imagine it must feel great for a guy, or make him feel really accepted. Like, did you think about it first then it happened? I wasn't even kidding about it and it actually really turns me on when I'm in the mood for it.

Well I never complained :) except that she never wanted me to give her oral ever.

She was into having me hold her breasts in bed at night when we cuddled.

If pee sex is your thing, this is the place to find your ideal match!

Every profile here is genuine, and has been created by a real person who is looking for someone to share their pissing pleasures with.

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