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Weird sex dreams, Sesame beef, Mango stuff Just got back from telling my analyst about these exhausting dreams – half awake all night.

Drowning in a shallow ice flow while I was trying to tell someone who’d left or painted the footprints by her bed, someone who was standing on the beach.

Weird Sex are somewhat of a “supergroup” consisting of Chris Blake on Guitar and Keys (Sly Persuaders), Kaoru Sato on guitar and vocals (Deathline and Easterhead), Benjamin Many on Drums and is fronted by the irrepressible Joey Ackland (Suicide Party).

Their set starts explosively with the tidal wave of menacing, reverb-soaked, electro-punk that is “Mummy’s Little Soldier”, recently released as a video directed by own John Clay.

Richard Pryor, the publisher of Wally Wood's Sex-Fantasy portfolio, sent this photo to me as confirmation that the piece I bought is, in fact, still in his original matt that once hung in a frame in his office. In 1976, a 29-year-old fan named Richard Pryor approached Wally Wood with an offer to publish a signed portfolio of new drawings by him, targeting what was then a popular comic book collector's market.

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There’s also a swagger, and sardonic edge to his smile (or is that sneer?

The result was the release of the Weird Sex-Fantasy portfolio the following year, limited to 2000 signed and numbered copies, and each featuring a plate signed by Wood and available at cons and by snail mail order.

Maybe it was the subject matter that won Wood over.

But scientists have been intrigued by -- and skeptical of -- the strange behaviors Rodaniche claimed to see in the wild.

Several years ago, Richard Ross of the California Academy of Sciences came across some larger Pacific striped octopuses on the aquarium trade circuit.

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