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Chris even talked about what he thought of Jennifer Lopez's performance as the late pop star as it helped launch the career of the 47-year-old actress and singer.Perez said the nascent A-lister 'did a great f***ing job' in her breakout role. It was released less than two years after the beloved performer was fatally gunned down at the age of 23 by her fan club president, Yolanda Saldivar, on March 31, 1995.The Mexican-American singer's widower, Chris Perez, shared an adorable photo of the late singer on his Facebook account on Monday. Quintanilla created an enduring legacy with Grammy-winning music and iconic fashion looks that live on thanks to her devoted fan base.The image shows Quintanilla embracing her husband, whom she married on April 2, 1992. A fan posted it up to my wall a lil while ago and it made me smile. It was, after all, her fans who asked the singer's father to release a never-before-heard song in September, titled "Oh No (I'll Never Fall in Love Again)." Quintanilla had rehearsed but not recorded the song before her death.He decided to teach himself to play electric guitar despite his mother's disapproval due to the negative stereotypes associated with the rock-and-roll world.Chris Perez wanted to run away to Los Angeles, California to start a rock band when he was seventeen.Selena’s husband, Chris Perez, is getting slapped with a lawsuit by his former father-in-law.MORE: Chris Perez’s ‘To Selena, With Love’ Is Making Its Way to Your TV Screen The father of the late singer, Abraham Quintanilla is suing Perez and his production company, Endemol Latino, in attempt to stop block his upcoming series about the Tejano singer.

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Chris disliked Tejano music and wrote in To Selena, With Love that he joined Shelly's band with "foot-dragging resistance" because this job paid more than working at the library.It has been nineteen years since the death of his daughter, singer Selena Quintanilla Perez, known to the world simply as “Selena.” She died March 31, 1995, after being shot by the president of her fan club. Now 75 years old and the grandfather of 8, Quintanilla said it is bittersweet to meet fans of Selena, many of whom were too young to really remember the pop star who has sold over 60 million albums worldwide.“It makes me feel good that after so many years people still remember my daughter," he reflected.The musician was admittedly emotional as he took in the biopic, as he wrote, 'Ugh, don't know if I can do this. NO ONE can dispute your talent.'Wrapping up, Perez said he was 'super proud' in taking in the film, but was not going to subject himself to the scene in which she's killed.'Will not watch the ending of the movie,' he wrote.The TRUE test will be when my "character" comes out.'Perez commented as he took in scenes he'd lived in his life, including their first time telling one another, 'I love you,' and when he trashed a hotel room.'Room trashing happened.... 'G'night everyone.'Saldivar was subsequently convicted in October of 1995 of first-degree murder and sentenced to life with no possibility of parole for at least 30 years, which remains eight years and eight months away.

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